Container Specifications


Specifications provided are average of all shipping containers. Variations can exist between series. If the container dimensions are important for your needs, please contact ICE staff to ensure that the container dimensions you require can be supplied.

If you would like to print these specifications please download the PDF icon Container Specifications pdf [24KB].

Container Type Inside Length Inside Width Inside Height Door Width Door Capacity Tare Weight Maxi Cargo
Standard 20' 19' 4' 7' 8" 7' 10" 7' 8 " 7' 6" 1.172 Cft 4,916lb 47,900lb
5.900m 2.350m 2.393m 2.342m 2.280m 33.2m3 2,230kg 21,770kg
Standard 40' 39' 5' 7' 8" 7' 10" 7' 8" 7' 6" 2,390 Cft 8,160lb 59,040lb
12.036m 2.350m 2.392m 2.340m 2.280m 67.7m3 3,700kg 26,780kg
Upgraded 20' 19' 4' 7' 7" 7' 9" 7' 6" 7' 6" 1.150 Cft 4,850lb 48,060lb
5.900m 2.311m 2.262m 2.286m 2.280m 32.53m3 2,200kg 21,800kg
High Cube 40' 39' 5" 7' 8" 8' 10" 7' 8" 8' 5' 2.694 Cft 8,750lb 58,450lb
12.036m 2.350m 2.697m 2.338m 2.585m 76.3m3 3,970kg 26,510kg
Reefer 20' 17' 8" 7' 5" 7' 5" 7' 5" 7' 3" 1,000 Cft 7,251lb 48,746lb
5.425m 2.275m 2.260m 2.258m 2.216m 28.3m3 3,289kg 22,111kg
Reefer 40' 37' 8" 7' 5" 7' 2" 7' 5" 7' 0" 2,040 Cft 9,610lb 57,590lb
11.493m 2.270m 2.197m 2.282m 2.155m 57.8m3 4,360kg 26,120kg
Open Top 20' 19' 4" 7' 7" 7' 8" 7' 6" 7' 2" 1.136m3 4,960lb 47,620lb
5.894m 2.311m 2.354m 2.286m 2.184m 32.23m3 2,250kg 21,600kg
Open Top 40' 39' 5" 7' 8" 7' 8" 7' 8" 7' 5 2,350 Cft 8,490lb 58,71 0lb
12.026m 2.350m 2.345m 2.341m 2.274m 65.5m3 3,850kg 26,630kg
Flat Rack 20' 18' 5" 7' 3" 7' 4" - - - 5,578lb 47,333lb
5.620m 2.200m 2.233m - - - 2,530kg 21,470kg
Flat Rack 40' 39' 7" 6' 1O" 6' 5" - - - 12,081lb 55,115lb
12.80m 2.438m 2.103m - - - 5,480kg 25,000kg
Flat Rack Collapsible 20' 18' 6' 7' 3" 7' 4" - - - 6,061lb 61,117lb
5.618m 2.208m 2.233m - - - 2,750kg 27,730kg
Flat Rack Collapsible 40' 39' 7' 6' 10' 6' 5" - - - 12,787lb 64,734lb
12.080m 2.126m 2.043m - - - 5,800kg 29,200kg
Platform 20' 19' 11" 8' 00" 7' 04" - - - 6,061lb 52,896lb
6.058m 2.438m 2.233m - - - 2,750kg 24,000kg
Platform 40' 40' 00" 8' 00' 6' 5" - - - 12,783lb 86,397lb
12.19m 2.40m 1.95m - - - 5,800kg 39,200kg


I just wanted to drop you a short note because our team locally has been under enormous pressure in satisfying some of our largest customers with product.Thru the efforts of Zdenka, we are delivering pretty much as the customers need and they have acknowledged the excellent service we are providing them . A large part of this is thru your teams efforts too thank you and pls pass on our positive and appreciated comments to Zdenka

Brian Pert
National Sales Manager
Cargill Texturising Solutions - Australia and New Zealand
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you gave us with getting the container delivered. It arrived at 1.15 Thank you for keeping us informed as things progressed through the system, it is reassuring to know that you were on the job."

Greg Croke
Managing Director
"Hello Guys, I just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic service. When compared to the last freight forwarder, you guys absolutely shot them out of the water. I will be using you guys for all of my future containers, and I will be referring any business I can. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Sebastian Loader, Owner/Operator
Sustainable Living Furniture
"Dennis – I can't thank you enough for your assistance over the last week. You have truly gone above and beyond the normal service standards experienced within the industry. It's this service that creates that point of difference and creates advocacy. I will certainly be recommending ICE to colleagues and other business associates.
All the best,

Melina Kawecki
"At Lovehoney and personally, we try to deliver good and bad news in equal proportion. As bad as our previous forwarder has been for us over recent months, this is mirrored in the positive and proactive stance of your Brisbane Team. They have all been excellent, specifically Alice and Tara. It makes a nice change when a supplier puts in as much effort into their business, as we do for our customers.

Rob Godwin
Love Honey
"Just a quick note to say thanks for the excellent delivery service this week of our goods from VITSOE UK. Your communication in the lead up was exemplary and your driver on the day was punctual, friendly and helpful. Recently I find it rare to come across people who do as they promise… You were 100% reliable from start to finish. Feel free to forward this to your boss. We couldn't have been happier with the service you provided.
All the best mate. "
Rory Toomey, Architect
"Just over two years ago we approached ICE to assist with our international freight forwarding of importing goods from UK to Australia. We were a newly established start-up with no experience in importing and freight, nor with any trading history. It was the personal support and belief in us by ICE that made us choose to work with you. We appreciated the hand on support and guidance in the early stages, as international freight can be a complicated task for SMEs to take on when starting up. Having direct access to you and your team, offering quality service and flexibility made a real difference for us.

Also of value to our relationship has been the ability to store & access product at both you Melbourne and Sydney offices – which is useful when expanding across the country. As is the ability to arrange collection in the UK and delivery from door to door.

I'm sure there's many other freight forwarders out there competing for the same customer, but aren't convinced many of them offer more of a personalised service, backed up with support and flexible access when you need it most.

Thanks for the great two years, happy to advocate your success to others, and speak with them should they want to hear first-hand about our experience with ICE. Here's to a great working relationship in the year ahead."

Rob Mikecz, Owner, Rochester Ginger
" I can vouch for the guys at ICE. They give us excellent service. You are wise to choose them. close quote Martin Ward, General Manager, Ulbrich Products Pty Ltd
All the best mate. "
"Hi guys
Just wanted to let you know how well Mark Mackovski has looked after us (me!) over the past two weeks regarding our three open top containers from Italy. Customs attempted to make life difficult but Mark arranged the entire situation from start to finish with expertise. Thank you for the opportunity to work with Mark as he was diligent, very helpful and pro-active in keeping me informed of the changing status of our 3 containers. Mark's efforts enabled me to keep various managers here at APP alerted each and every step of the way relating to the clearance and delivery of such large shipments. Our managers are happy with me and I am happy with Mark!
You have obviously taught him well!
Thanks again guys."

Annie Henry, Marketing – Import/Export Assistant, Australian Plastic Profiles Pty. Ltd. & Pipe King Pty. Ltd.
"It's nice to finally deal with a professional organisation with a friendly and efficient sales person! I have spent some time on the phone today getting grunted at and told "we will get back to you". I was starting to think that the entire industry was made up of nuffy's! Please make sure you pass on my positive feedback to your manager (and ask him/her for a raise while you're at it!):0) As I mentioned on the phone, we are just embarking on a trading relationship with a couple of companies in India. I foresee that we will have ongoing orders with these companies and there will be a steady stream of airfreight from them to us. Hence the need to get my head around my freight costs. The idea of using a "one stop shop" for our supply chain requirements appeals to me.
Cheers, Doug Baird"
"I was nervous about jumping into the international scene after managing a successful domestic e-commerce business for 3 years. But ICE offered such great hands-on service, I didn't need to worry about anything. I was guided along by the ICE cargo professionals from start to finish. Any question I had was immediately addressed by their really friendly staff. Thumbs up. "

Alan Reynolds, Perth
"Wanted to grow my business globally but I didn't know the first thing about importing and exporting. Contacted ICE and got all the help and answers I wanted. Because of their support, I got the kick-start that I was looking for."

Andrea Martin, Sydney
"Starting an online business is difficult for beginner like myself. Not only was I new to e-commerce, but also I had zero experience with international trade and importing. ICE explained and managed this process for me in such a friendly and accessible way, that any apprehension I felt quickly disappeared. "

Rob Dellenbauch, Sydney
"They're amazing and affordable! Besides the great rates, you get direct, knowledgeable, experienced support. You can't get this kind of service from larger freight companies. ICE is a definitely a winner."

Laurie Bradford, Brisbane

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