Successfully Importing 22+ tonnes of Heavy Machinery from the UK to Rural Australia

  • 3 crates of heavy machinery shipped from the UK to Australia.
  • A total shipment weight of 22,680kgs safely delivered.
  • Specialist equipment and labour hired throughout the shipment.
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Lynas Rare Earths, Australian mining company, required their new CSTC Fan Assembly and spare parts to be to be shipped from the UK to their rural Kalgoorlie Processing Facility.


ICE successfully organised and planned the shipment of the fan in the following three crates:

  • Crate One – 1 Fan = 372 x 282 x 394cm – 7930 kgs
  • Crate Two – 1 Fan = 457 x 352 x 369cm – 12200 kgs
  • Crate Three – 2 Motors and Impeller = 197 x 197 x 153cm – 2550 kgs

After arriving at Fremantle Port, the crates were loaded from 40’ flat rack on a 100’ Tonne trailer. After being successfully loaded onto the trailer, the crates were ready for travel to the Kalgoorlie Processing Facility.

The largest crate was over 3.5 meters and required an accredited pilot vehicle to escort the components all the way from Fremantle port to the Kalgoorlie site.


Another project shipment successfully handled. Our experience, local knowledge and coordination with our specialist road transport partners ensured the shipment was safely delivered on time and within budget.

Throughout the entire process, communication with Lynas Rare Earths was paramount. Our experienced team ensure our clients are kept informed with every shipment.

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