Exporting 80 Tonnes of Equipment to Latin America For A Leading Global Manufacturer

  • Developed an operational plan to export a heavy machinery unit and its components
  • Arranged fabrication of 23 custom-made crates and packing on-site
  • Coordinated the transport and loading of 28 crates and pallets into three separate consignments
  • Successfully freighted containerised and OOG cargo to Mexico within schedule
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Exporting 80 Tonnes of Equipment to Latin America For A Leading Global Manufacturer

ICE arranged 23 custom-made crates and 7 containers with machinery and consumables to Latin America


Taghleef Industries is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of packaging films. ICE was trusted as their freight forwarding partner to export approximately 87 tonnes of machinery and consumables of various sizes to their production site in Mexico.

This project required multiple items to be collected from their Wodonga warehouse, in Victoria, and transported to the Port of Melbourne for export.

We set out to understand all the components that would require export and any site restrictions during an on-site meeting and walk-through of the client facility.

Due to the fragile and odd-sized nature of the items, custom-made crates had to be built on-site in order to transport the goods and then fit them into containers.

This complex project required thorough planning to allocate the right resources at the right times as well as extensive coordination between ICE, our packing provider, transport company and the client.


After carefully assessing the project scope and arranging a client site tour with our partner packing company, ICE delivered an operational plan to move a large machinery unit and several loose items including a transformer, a winding mechanism, pumps, waterskid, cables and even a 29’’ TV.

This plan included custom packing and crating activity onsite, transport from site, loading items into three separate consignments, and transport to Melbourne port terminal.        

In summary, ICE:

  • Drafted a detailed Loading Plan proposing three different consignments for this project, including 4 x Hight Cube 40ft containers and 3 x Flat Racks for out of gauge cargo (OOG).

  • Provided the best shipping solution available at the time after some changes in schedule and incurred increased costs. ICE proactively sourced different quotes and reviewed alternative breakbulk options to offer to the client.
  • Facilitated meetings between client and packing provider to coordinate production of 23 custom-made crates to fit in all items on the packing list.
  • Coordinated all operation related to crating and packing on client site, to the smallest details:

    • Coordinated collection of crates and pallets in the right order ensuring both client and transport company were ready on time.Ensured appropriate packing material was used for stuffing the containers.Verified declared container weights.Ensured the loads would fit in the truck and comply with Australian road transport maximum height and weight limits.Advised the packing provider to load all transport via forklift with longer tines of 1.8m for safer support.Ensured goods on flat-racks were transported with a tarp cover to protect from rain.

    • Arranged welder to add steel channel to larger crates, ensuring lifting points were reinforced.

  • Organised freight, all relevant export documentation and final delivery to Altamira, Mexico via Colombia, and to Cartagena via the Port of Cristobal, Panama.   

  • Provided marine insurance to safeguard all contents.


ICE successfully exported three different consignments totalling nearly 90 Tonnes to Altamira and Cartagena after a significant amount of planning and coordination between the client, packing provider, haulage company, shipping lines and local agents.

Thanks to our expertise in project logistics and reliable network of partners, ICE was able to arrange tailored crating and ship all 4 x High Cube 40ft containers and 3 x Flat Racks with valuable cargo in one vessel.

ICE went above and beyond in providing the best shipping solution available at the time despite some changes in schedule and costings. We proactively sourced different quotes and alternative services and were able to meet client requirements.

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