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Customs Clearance Authority

Credit Application

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction – Air Freight

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction – Sea Freight

Packing List Template

Certificate of Origin Template

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Incoterms Chart

Volumetric Ratio Calculator – Airfreight and sea freight

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Asbestos Declaration – Per Shipment

Asbestos Declaration – Annual

Packing Declaration 2024 – Per Shipment

Packing Declaration 2024 – Annual

Sealing Document

VGM Declaration – Per Shipment

Dangerous Goods Declaration/M041- AIR

Dangerous Goods Declaration/M041- SEA


Importing General Cargo Fact Sheet

Importers’ Checklist

Exporters’ Checklist

Importing Food into Australia Fact Sheet

Importing Furniture into Australia Fact Sheet

Importing Dangerous Goods Fact Sheet

Heat Treatment Guide

Methyl Bromide Treatment Guide

Methyl Bromide Treatment Guide

Container Packing Guide for Fumigation

Container and Cargo Damage Guide

Stink Bug Fact Sheet 2023-2024

The Khapra Beetle Guide

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Guide

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Air Freight Container Guide

The Shipping Container Guide