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More than a freight forwarder. Consider ICE your logistics partner. We help you plan your logistics process end-to-end, actively looking for opportunities to minimise costs and save time. We understand your timelines, budget and specific requirements before recommending the most cost-effective shipping solution available via air, sea or land.

  • FCL, LCL, and Break-Bulk Cargo shipping
  • Airfreight with same day delivery
  • Dangerous Goods or hazardous cargo
  • Pick up, packing and consolidation services
  • Short and long-term warehousing
  • Road and rail transport: interstate or rural
  • Coastal shipping from Fremantle to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne
  • Combination shipping (part air, part sea freight)
  • Marine and air cargo insurance
Queensland Office

planning your shipment

International Shipping Considerations

A few things to consider before engaging a freight forwarder in Brisbane:

  • Is moving your goods for the lowest cost possible a priority? You may consider a transshipment service if your business allows longer transit times.
  • Is air freight out of budget but you need your goods as quickly as possible? You may consider an express or direct shipment. In the event of shipping peak season or port congestion, for an additional fee, we may be able to flag your shipment as urgent and avoid it being rolled over onto the next vessel. We can also liaise with the shipping lines directly to ask for priority in container availability. While there is no guarantee that your goods will be made available earlier, ICE go above and beyond in leveraging our long lasting relationships with carriers and overseas shipping agents to secure space.
  • Is the integrity of your cargo a priority? Are you shipping high-value goods? We offer a range of cargo insurance options so your goods are covered during every step of the journey (including for damage, theft and loss). Consider whether your cargo is high in value, how easy is to acquire new/replacement stock and import costs. Our team can help you in the decision making process by breaking down the risk-reward for your type of cargo.
  • Do you need extra time to pack or unpack the container? We can request to the shipping lines extra free time at no additional cost (please note this must be done before the vessel departs).
  • Is your packing compliant and safe? Is it wrapped and labeled correctly? Are all wooden pallets compliant with ISPM15? Is the weigh distributed evenly in the container? Have you used straps or dunnage to secure the cargo in its place? Is your container overweight? Have you declared the verified gross mass (VGM) accurately to prevent extra charges? Is the container clean and free from contamination? If your goods arrive to the port with poor packing, the carrier might refuse to load it onto their vessel. And if your goods get damaged at any point, your insurance may refuse to cover it if packing wasn’t done correctly. ICE can arrange packing on your behalf at an approved facility so your goods are export-ready. We also can arrange appropriate packaging at origin for your imports through our reliable overseas agents. Alternatively, we can go to your premises to provide a packing consultation to show how to pack your goods correctly and safely.
  • Is your cargo under customs control? If your goods have arrived but haven’t been cleared by customs yet, we can arrange bonded transport and storage at an approved facility to avoid high storage fees at the wharf.
  • Do you have any special transport requirements? Window receival times? Unload equipment hire, such as franna crane, tail lift or sideloader? Pilot escorts? Driver’s induction? Priority or overnight delivery? Dangerous Goods or over-dimensional heavy cargo? A Brisbane freight forwarder has the expertise to recommend which route, transport mode and equipment is is the most cost-effective to move and unload your goods. We may suggest a combination of rail and road transport, for example, based on the cargo and destination address.
  • Do you need extra storage? If your premises are not ready to receive the goods you certainly want to avoid high storage charges at the wharf. ICE can arrange short or long-term storage at our own Brisbane warehouse, in Eagle Farm, or third party warehouse or 3PL. We select the best warehousing option available considering transport costs, distance and convenience.
  • Do you have all shipping documents on hand? This is the number one thing in your control to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping. Ensure you have your commercial invoice, packing list, packing declaration and certificate of origin (if trading from a free-trade country). 
  • Do you need help with customs clearance? Our brokers can review your documents and advise you on the right HS classification for your goods, check if you are eligible for GST deferrals or tax concessions with a free trade agreement, assist with letters of credit, and arrange customs documents such as certificates of origin, import permits, phytosanitary certificates, fumigation certificates or export declarations.
  • Are you shipping project cargo? Fast and clear communication is our difference. Over dimensional cargo operations are often complex. ICE have decades of experience in managing such operations and has a network of reliable carriers, agents and transport operators that can be trusted to move your high-value cargo. We offer a dedicated and experienced Project Manager to plan every step of your break-bulk movement. We liaise with all stakeholders to ensure information is delivered correctly and in a timely manner – which in shipping, cannot be underestimated. We manage all functions of project shipping, from origin to destination: site surveying, best routes and service options, site inductions, pilot escorts, window receival times and equipment hire. We also offer customs auditing to ensure your documentation is correct before the goods are on water and offer customs duty or tax exposures reviews to save you money if possible.
  • Does your cargo require fumigation? During the stink bug season, from 1 September 2023 to 30 April 2024, imported cargo that is classified as high-risk AND comes from (or transships at) a high-risk country, must be fumigated. Break-bulk cargo can only be fumigated offshore by an approved service provider. We can assist with arranging fumigation and treatment declaration to comply with Australia’s biosecurity measures.
Queensland Office

Services Offered

Via Air, Land, or Sea, We Make it Hassle-Free

Tap into our global network of airfreight carriers to get your goods in and out of Brisbane in 1-3 days. For exports, daily services are available. This is the best option for time-sensitive cargo.

Brisbane Air Freight Learn more

Take advantage of our efficient and reliable sea freight solutions for both FCL and LCL. Weekly direct and transhipment services to/from Brisbane are available to suit your budget and timelines.

Brisbane Sea Freight Learn more

Get expert customs advice to clear goods prior to entering the country. We review your shipping documentation, prepare import or export declarations and permits, calculate your import duty tax and ensure your are compliant with biosecurity (quarantine) requirements, such as fumigation.

Brisbane Customs Consultancy Learn more

Expert coordination of complex projects. We handle heavy and out of gauge cargo end to end. With strong relationships with the best break-bulk carriers in Brisbane and a dedicated project manager, your valuable cargo is in safe hands.

Brisbane Project Freight Forwarding Learn more

ICE have long-lasting relationships with the best transport operators in Brisbane’s metro and regional areas. We coordinate the cartage process end-to-end: from arrival and clearance at the port to final delivery at your premises (for import), or packing, loading and safely delivering your goods to the port, (for export).

Brisbane Transport  Learn more

If your goods are not ready to be collected, we can store your goods in our own warehouse, in Eagle Farm, conviniently located 15-minutes away from the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane International Airport. Alternatively, we can arrange storage at a warehouse or 3PL.

Brisbane Warehousing Learn more

We offer a range of marine insurance options so your goods are covered during every step of the journey, door-to-door (including for damage, theft and loss).

Cargo Insurance Learn more

Need to ship your goods from Brisbane to Perth or vice-versa? We offer weekly coastal shipping solutions as an affordable and faster alternative to rail freight for moving goods between the south-west coast of Australia.

Coastal Shipping Brisbane Learn more

People you can trust

Meet Our Brisbane Team

When dealing with our Brisbane team, you can expect professionalism with a personable, friendly feel. Our staff is approachable, highly knowledgeable and dedicated. We take the time to listen to you and understand your business requirements before proposing a completely tailored solution, as there is no such as thing as one-size-fits-all in freight. The team truly goes above and beyond to provide the most cost-effective and efficient shipping solution for your business.

We welcome you to experience the ICE difference: efficient, personable and second to none customer service.

Meet the wider team to learn more about ICE or get in touch today!


Queensland Office


Full-Service International Freight Forwarders in Brisbane

Strategically Located Office

Our Brisbane office and warehouse, in Eagle Farm, are conveniently located 15 minutes away from the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane International Airport.

In-house Customs Brokers

Unlike other forwarders, we do not sub-contract any of our functions to save on operational costs. Not only this means more control on the quality of our services, but faster communication between you and your broker so we can process your customs entry as quickly as possible.

Customer Service & Fast Communication

Having completed 150,000+ jobs to date, thousands of customers have trusted ICE to move their goods across the globe. Our vast experienced paired with premium customer service and second to none communication, is what sets our Birsbane freight forwarding apart.

High Client and Staff Retention

As an independent and Australian-owned company, we understand the our relationships are our biggest asset. We take pride in the longevity of our staff and our high client retention rates. “Great service, from great people, in a great environment” is our motto.

FAQ Section

Shipping to and from Brisbane

What are the transit times for direct services ex Brisbane?

Transit times to the main destinations of export from Brisbane are:

New Zealand: 10 days, 1-2 times a week
Singapore: 17.5 days, 2-4 times a week
Hong Kong: 16 days, departing every 1-2 weeks
Japan: 19 days, departing every 1-2 weeks
China: 19 days, departing 1-2 times a week
Europe: 57 days, departing every 2-4 weeks

How long does airfreight from Brisbane take?

Departing from Brisbane, transit times to the main airports are:

New Zealand: 1 day, departing every few hours
Singapore: 1.5 day, departing 2-4 times a week
Hong Kong: 1 day, departing 2-4 times a day
Japan: 1.5 days, departing 2-4 times a day
China: 1.5 days, departing 2-4 times a day
Europe: 2 days, departing every 1-2 days

I have urgent cargo, can this move on a priority service?

Absolutely! If your cargo is urgent, our Brisbane team can provide priority services and advise you of these options at time of booking. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions to our customers as we know, not one size fits all. Just tell us what you need and when you need it by, and we will do our best to work out a solution for you.

What goods do you NOT handle?

Please note that we work with registered businesses to move B2B commercial products only.

We don’t provide marine insurance alone, only on freight that we arrange and we cannot handle the following items:

  • Personal effects
  • Live exports (animals)
  • Fresh produce (fruits, vegetables)
  • Cold cargo (dairy, meats, refrigerated foods in general)

What sets ICE apart from other freight companies in Brisbane?

Flexibility and customer service. Our experienced operators/consultants get to know your business so you receive a truly bespoke service when working with ICE.

As independent forwarders, we have the flexibility of choosing the best shipping option for your cargo through our vetted network of overseas agents. We build the operation around your requirements to the smallest detail.

We offer outstanding customer service and flexibility, combined.

How much a shipping agent in Brisbane cost?

Freight forwarders charge based on factors such as shipment size and weight, the origin and destination of the cargo, the chosen mode of transportation (e.g., road, air, or sea), and any specialized services required, such as handling hazardous materials, oversized cargo or temperature-controlled shipments. Costs will also depend on market conditions (on or off peak season), the volume and frequency of shipments, and if you require additional services like customs clearance and warehousing. So there is no “one cost” for a freight forwarder. Every quote is customised and you’ll be charged fees on top of each service your freight forwarder provides to move your cargo along your supply chain.

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Without exception and on time

“Since having International Cargo Express handle my ocean freight, I have had my bookings and equipment available without exception and on time. Communication between ICE and my supplier is very good and I receive information via my shipper before my supplier.”

Michael Caiacob – Purchasing and Supply Officer

Managed goods end to end

“Due to critical stock levels we needed a fast solution to urgently meet growing client demand. Presented with this challenge, ICE quickly identified appropriate freighter services and proactively managed the movement of goods end to end.”

Eddie Liaw – Supply Chain Director

ICE offered flexibility

“ICE offered flexibility, high levels of communication and attention to detail during our pick, pack and delivery project. With their professional support we were able to meet the demands of our supply chain knowing our freight was in safe hands.”

Tony Kealy – National Distribution Manager