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Expert Customs Clearance Consultancy

At ICE, you have access to our best-in-class customs brokerage team to ensure compliance with Australia’s strict border control regulations. Each one of our customs brokers has at least 10+ years’ of experience in clearing cargo of various commodities across multiple industries.

  • In-house customs team for optimal processing
  • Highly trained, experienced professionals
  • Over 150 years of combined experience in the department


Customs Consultancy

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Our Customs Consultancy Services in Australia

Our Customs Manager is a recognised finalist in the Customs Broker of the Year Awards, giving you the reassurance that when working with ICE you gain access to best-in-class advice.

Tariff, Tax and Duty Advice

We calculate duties and taxes on your import and advise if you are eligible for any tariff concessions, GST payment deferrals or duty refunds.

Biosecurity (quarantine)

Australia has some of the strictest biosecurity regulations in the world. Our team can assist with import permits, declarations or certificates required to clear your goods.

Seasonal Biosecurity

In addition to standard customs compliance, we can support you to navigate seasonal biosecurity measures, such as the Stink Bug Season.

HS Codes Review

We accurately interpret Harmonised System Codes to ensure your goods are correctly classified. You may even be eligible to a customs duty refund.

Documentation Handling

We thoroughly review your documentation to ensure your goods can enter the country. Acting as your agent, we prepare and submit import declarations on your behalf.

Customs Bonded Warehousing

We can arrange customs bonded storage for your goods should you need to move your cargo from the port while waiting for customs or biosecurity formalities to be finalised.

Tailored Advice & Consultancy

We proactively look at opportunities to save time and money on your shipment and guide you on customs formalities that need to be arranged.

Local Expertise

Unlike other players, we do not outsource our brokers. Our customs team are trained in-house, and work for ICE only, ensuring you get priority attention and the best quality service.


Australian Import & Export Customs Experts

Customs clearance is one of the most complex parts of shipping and Australia has some of the strictest border-control regulations in the world, so don’t take the risk. Trust your business with a highly trained and knowledgeable team. We have over 150 years of combined expertise in our customs department.


FAQ Section

Customs Clearance FAQ

What documents do I need to provide when importing to Australia?

The main documents you will need when importing into Australia are:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Bill of Lading
  3. Packing Declaration
  4. Packing List

Check out our blog post, “The 5 Shipping Documents You Need For Import or Export“, to make sure you understand each of these documents.

Depending on the products you are importing, as well as the country of origin, you may also require:

  1. Fumigation Certificate
  2. Manufacturers Declaration
  3. Import Permit
  4. Certificate of Origin

When importing or exporting with ICE, we can help you navigate and source these documents.

Why do I need a customs broker?

A customs broker is fully licensed by the Australian Border Force to customs clear cargo arriving in Australia. They are trained to correctly classify your cargo, prepare and submit import declarations to government agencies and determine accurate tariffs (or concessions).

Any incorrect details on your documentation or missing information can potentially cause costly delays, extra fees and even risk your cargo being destroyed or re-exported upon arrival. At ICE we strongly recommend extensive import consultancy prior to doing any international shipping.

How is duty and GST calculated on my import?

As a general rule: Import duty is calculated according to the FOB (Free on Board) value of your cargo in Australian Dollars. Import duty is calculated as standard at 5% of this value (for most goods). However, free trade agreements, tariff concessions or dumping duty can affect this price.

GST is calculated on the value of your cargo plus import duty, plus insurance, plus freight. Once you have this value, the standard percentage rate for import duty in Australia is 10% of this total cost.

Our customs consultants can provide an anticipated cost for duties and GST if you provide a commercial invoice for your shipment.

Recommended reading: How To Get A Refund Of Customs Import Duty

What’s the difference between a Customs Broker and a Freight Forwarder?

The difference is that freight forwarders handle the transport of goods, while a customs broker deals with the entry of goods into the country. Customs brokers deal directly with the government, port and airport authorities to make sure that your import complies with customs legislation.

Freight forwarders help you get your goods from Point A to Point B, however, do not handle customs clearance unless they employ customs brokers as part of their business – which is exactly what we do at International Cargo Express.

You can read further into the difference in our blog, “What’s The Difference Between a Customs Broker vs Freight Forwarder?”.

Why does having an in-house customs brokerage team matter?

Faster processing is the main advantage of having in-house customs brokers vs. outsourcing this activity.

By recruiting and training our own brokerage team, we can also ensure that our client’s needs are fully understood and accurate tariffs are applied to import cargo.

Our brokerage team can offer you tailored advice on customs duty, tariffs and regulations.

We also offer a full consultancy service. This process would review historical clearances and determine if any duty refunds are applicable.

You can connect directly to Stephen, our customs manager here or email him at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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