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Shipping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the shipping process take?

The total shipping lead time greatly depends on the country of origin and the specific delivery address in Australia. It also depends on the assigned shipping line and whether it is a direct shipment or transhipment.

As a general rule, you can assume the follow indicative sea freight transit times:

  • From China to Australia: 15xx-25xx days
  • From Europe to Australia: 42-50 days
  • From US to Australia: 30-45 days
  • From New Zealand to Australia: 35-45 days

Request a quote today and our specialist consultants can discuss your shipping options.

How is my shipment priced?

The price of shipping your cargo is contingent on the mode of transport, taking into consideration your equipment’s weight and dimensions. The basis for choosing the mode of shipment is as follows:

  • For an FCL shipment, the price is usually on a per-container basis, if the weight exceeds a certain weight threshold, heavy surcharges may apply.
  • For a breakbulk shipment, the price is per revenue tonne. The revenue tonne is either the greater value of cargo cubic measure, or cargo weight measure.
  • For an LCL shipment, the price is per cubic metre based on weight-based volume or gross volume, whichever is higher.
  • For an airfreight shipment, the price is per chargeable weight (gross weight or dimensional weight, whichever is higher). You can use our Chargeable Weight Calculator for an estimate.

Does ICE offer Warehousing or 3PL services?

Yes! In addition to our very own warehouses at our office premises in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, we can manage 3PL services for both short and long-term storage anywhere in Australia.

Plus: ICE owns customs bonded warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, which means that we are licensed to accept imported goods for storage until all customs formalities are arranged (such as duty payment).

What services can ICE provide?

  • We co-ordinate delivery /pick up at your specified times. We can unpack cargo beforehand in a container yard and deliver to site on dedicated trailers, if needed.
  • If your cargo needs to be delivered in a specific order (sequencing), we can manage to meet project demands.
  • We co-ordinate site inductions to meet any safety compliance obligations.
  • We arrange special equipment such as cranes, jacking or skating services for your heavy / out of gauge cargo.
  • We provide proactive communication and update throughout your shipment.
  • Our staff are easily accessible and you always have a dedicated consultant to talk to about your shipment.

What kinds of cargo does ICE handle?

We have worked with hundreds of clients in the construction, infrastructure and building industries. We ship anything from (but not limited to):

  • building materials
  • architectural structures
  • equipment
  • consumables
  • technical instruments
  • machinery parts
  • components for plants
  • raw materials

Check some our past shipments here.

What sets ICE apart from other forwarders?

Flexibility and customer service. Our experienced operators/consultants get to know your business so you receive a truly bespoke service when working with ICE.

As independent forwarders, we have the flexibility of choosing the best shipping option for your cargo through our vetted network of overseas agents. We build the operation around your requirements to the smallest detail.