How ICE Quickly Pivoted To Deliver an LCL To A Restaurant Despite Unexpected Issues

  • Arranged last-minute storage to avoid nearly $9,000 in wharf storage fees
  • Saved $1,800 by providing alternative unloading solutions
  • Successfully met the client's storage and delivery requirements, on time
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wooden crates LCL

Assisting a local restaurant in Brisbane to import a large noodle-making machine despite unforeseen challenges


Mints on Rosalie, a new Vietnamese restaurant opening in Brisbane, purchased a large noodle-making machine that was manufactured in Japan. After organising shipment via our Japan agents, the machine safely arrived in the Port of Brisbane ready for our client to take delivery.

But two issues came to light:

Circumstances meant the restaurant was still under construction and wasn’t ready to receive the machine when the vessel arrived. They would need at least another month. If cargo collection wasn’t arranged, they faced potentially paying high storage fees at the wharf of about $300 per day (multiply that by 30 days and you get nearly $10,000 in storage fees)!

To make matters worse, our client needed the machine to enter their store, which was up ten sets of stairs. This requirement was only realised upon a first delivery attempt, via tail lift truck. Without the right equipment to move the crates from the truck to inside the restaurant, the machine was then returned to the transport operator depot.


Our experts acted quickly to arrange local storage and avoid high wharf storage fees. The machine was promptly picked up from the wharf and moved to our transport operator’s depot, where it sat for 40 days.

Second, we managed to source a quote for our client to have the goods taken up to their shop. A removalist service quote came to over $2,000.

ICE then engaged the transport operator to visit the site, and after an inspection a ramp was located, which allowed the transport company to use an electronic pallet jack to transport the machine up the ramp for only $180. Our client was much happier with the $1,800 saving.


The noodle-making machine was finally delivered to the restaurant two days later, this time with the right equipment on hand. The crates were safely unloaded and taken to their store with no issues.

Our client can now focus on making delicious noodles for their new customers and continue growing their business.

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