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5 Benefits of Working with ICE and the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ICCI)


5 Benefits of Working with ICE and the Italian Chamber of Commerce (ICCI)

Here at ICE, we’re a proud corporate partner of the Italian Chamber of Commerce(ICCI).

The partnership strengthens our strategic commitment to Italian importers and exporters, who form a key part of our client base.

The ICCI is an independent and not-for-profit organisation with over 20,000 members around the world, all working to create long-lasting ties between businesses in Italy and Australia.

The organisation has been working since 1987 to enhance Italian/Australian trade. There is a strong focus on providing advice to their members, assisting with their growth, enhancing their networks and by boosting their exposure, the ICCI is helping Italian businesses energise their presence in Australia.

By partnering with ICCI, we’re here to do the same thing – help our clients import Italian goods to Australia, and export Australian products to Italy.

ICE is the forwarder of choice for professional services to and from Italy

Working with ICE and the ICCI, both our Italian and Australian clients will benefit from:

1. Specialist Knowledge

At ICE, you’ll be working with highly experienced professionals. When it comes to international trade, transport, shipping and logistics – look no further than ICE.

Our key advantage is our people. We have a group of tight-knit, passionate and long-serving staff members, some of whom have been part of our organisation for over a quarter of a century.

We’ve developed a strong understanding of global supply chains and international trade that your business can leverage by partnering with us.

We’ll bring you leading news and trends in Italy as it happens – so please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!

2. Professional Network of Agents

Our dedicated in-house Italian partner Albini & Pitigliani leads the way in Italian imports and exports.

Working with them makes shipping seamless, as we can talk directly to your suppliers and ensure your shipment flows smoothly.

Together, we’ve built up 70 years’ experience in the Italian marketplace – everything from general cargo and retail customers to food and furniture specialist shipment handling.

Both teams at ICE and Albini & Pitigliani are pleased to offer a free consultation for all ICCI members.

3. Most competitive service options on the market

When you’re shipping internationally, you can’t afford poor service. You’ll need the best services available to the market – and you’ll need them fast.

With COVID-19 having a huge effect on Italian businesses, further rate increases may be on the horizon. We anticipate that high rates and delays will continue over the next quarter, and further relief won’t be present until at least Q3.

So, it’s critical to remain vigilant and increase your competitiveness as much as possible. To do that, you need competitive freight forwarding services.

At ICE, we can provide you with a range of options for your shipping needs giving you choice between speed and cost.

Refer to our Italy Trade Lane page for more information on our services.

4. Access to our Dedicated Italian Trade Manager

Working with our Italian Trade Manager, Alessio Bartoli, you’ll have a contact on the ground to support you and help you tap into key markets in Italy or Australia.

Work with our development manager to overcome the challenges faced when importing from or exporting to Italy.

We’ll put effective solutions in place to compliment your business strategy and help you get the most out of your shipping experience.

5. Minimising duty liability for your imports or exports

Our team of highly qualified in-house brokers are the best in the industry and are able to ensure you are accurately reporting and clearing your cargo.

The team can help you work out if you’re paying too much duty and – if you are – they can even help you get a refund if you’re eligible.

Ready to get started?

To get started, check out our page on importing from Italy, including an outline of Italy’s top commodities.

Our experts at ICE can help you consider the right shipping methods to and from Italy, and also ensure all your shipping documentation is in order.

Please get in touch with us today, or request a free quote now!


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