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Before Your Delivery

You should provide your forwarder with as much detail of your cargo as possible, so that we can plan and book equipment with transport companies accordingly. This includes things like the type of truck needed for your cargo, trailers and cranes.

Tell your freight forwarder everything about your cargo (weight, dimensions, special requirements, on-site rules or restrictions, or extra equipment needed for unload) so they can plan a smooth delivery.

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Choosing the Right Truck

Most common trucks for container transportation:

  • Side loader (swing lift)
    A side loader is essentially a truck fitted with a loading system operating to one side for handling containers. The side loader truck delivers the container by picking it up from the trucks chassis at each end of the container & lowering it onto the site directly next to the trucks’ chassis. If you booked a sideloader to deliver your container, keep in mind that these trucks swing to the right only. Does the driver need to drive in or reverse in? Ensure to inform ICE of the correct side of your premises for the container to be placed on.

  • Rigid Trailer Truck
    A rigid truck is a single unit with both the cargo area and the driver’s compartment on the same chassis. Rigid trucks are well-suited for making multiple stops and navigating tight city streets because of their compact size. Rigid trucks come with a selection of different body types.

  • Semi-trailer
    A semi-trailer is towed by a ‘road tractor unit’. The front of the semi-trailer sits on a coupling on top of the tractor’s tail. It is articulated and bends to go around corners. Semi-trailers usually have legs to support them when they are not in use. This ensemble (tractor + semi-trailer) is known as a ‘semi-trailer truck’.

  • Hiab
    A HIAB is a truck that has a crane attached to it. They are adaptable vehicles, capable of pinpoint accuracy to deliver your cargo in difficult access areas. This delivery method is used when neither a tilt tray or side loader truck can access the site. HIAB delivery allows for containers to be delivered over obstructions such as up to 3m high fences. A container can be dropped at a 90 degree angle to the truck.
    Hiab’s have weight restrictions so are limited when moving full containers. We would require the weight of the container before booking in this transport option.

loading limits

Maximum Weight For Road Transport

The total weight combining the empty container + truck and trailer including any sideloader equipment+ product weight including all packaging / pallets should not exceed 42.5 tonnes in a common 6 axel semi-trailer delivery. 

Maximum loaded weight of container for road transport in Australia:

  • New South Wales: 26T
  • Victoria: 27T
  • Queensland: 27.5T
  • Western Australia: 24.5T
  • South Australia: 26.9T per 20ft & 28T per 40ft

Note: At all times, the loads must be made secure and be distributed evenly across the container. If the distribution is not even, then the load may be considered overweight across the number of axels and steer drives.

20ft Container40ft Container
Standard trailer26,270 kgs24,800 kgs
Sideloader19,270 kgs17,800 kgs
Please note that the above weights are a general guide only. There may be capacity to go higher depending on truck setups, permits, mass management and other factors.

loading limits

Maximum Dimensions For Road Transport

  • Maximum height is 4.3 metres from the ground to the highest point (this includes the height of the trailer which is generally 0.7 metres). A maximum of 4.6 metres high applies on approved roads.
  • Maximum width is 2.5 metres. Without a special permit, 6 inches on either side of the trailer is allowed to be transported. Applications for special permits for loads exceeding these limits are generally made through the RTA (Road Traffic Authority).

If you wish to import a container above the recommended limits, speak to one of our staff members today and we will advise how best to handle your cargo.

Sideloader truck
Semi-trailer truck (trailer can be detached)
rigid truck
Rigid trailer truck (trailer is fixed) 
Hiab Truck
Hiab Truck

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