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Looking into importing or exporting lighting products or furniture for commercial or industrial purposes? We can help you plan and manage the logistics process, end-to-end. We guide you on the specific documentation required, advise on any import permits needed, organise a smooth customs clearance process and manage your fragile goods with the utmost care.

We have decades of industry experience in helping:

  • Australian manufacturers and suppliers
  • Australian distributors
  • Commercial wholesalers and retailers
  • Architectural and design firms
  • Industrial and construction companies

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Service Features

Lighting & Furniture Shipping Services

Imports and Exports

Whether shipping standard palletised items or bulky shipments, our team can create tailor-made solutions for both imports into Australia and exports to overseas.

Fragile Goods Handled With Utmost Care

Fragile products such as lights, fittings and LEDs require special care. We can advise on the safest packaging for transport and only partner with the best carriers to handle your goods.

In-House Customs Clearance

Unlike other players that outsource their brokers, we have a team of experienced in-house licensed customs brokers to provide you with the fastest communication possible and ensure your customs clearance process meets our level of excellence.

Furniture Quarantine Compliance

Most imported furniture will be subject to quarantine measures. Whether it is fumigation, a special declaration or import permits, our team can help you navigate the customs complexities.

Specialist Knowledge & Experience

Our team has decades of experience and exceptional knowledge in international shipping. In fact, 40% of our staff has been working for ICE for 10+ years.

Marine Insurance Available

Protect your fragile and valuable cargo on its journey with a range of insurance options available.

100% Tailored For You

No matter how specific your shipment requirements are, we can find a solution for you. Our tagline is “We Consult. We Plan. We Deliver.” for a reason.

We Help You Take Advantage of FTAs

Are you trading with a Free Trade Agreement country? Receive advice from our experienced customs brokers on possible tariff concessions and import duty exemptions.


Experienced in Lights, Furniture & LED Products

We have many clients that import all kinds of lighting products, digital LED screens and furniture, specially from Europe and China. Furniture imports normally require additional documents and treatment compared to other commodities. In addition to the commercial invoice, packing list, and packing declaration, furniture may also require one or more of the following documents for Quarantine processing:

  • Fumigation Certificate
  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Newly Manufactured Plywood Declaration
  • Storage Declaration

Learn how to Import Lights into Australia and Take a look at our fact sheet on importing furniture for more information.

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FAQ Section

Lighting, LED & Furniture FAQ

What do I need to import furniture into Australia?

The type of furniture and homewares and the materials used to manufacture them determine the treatment and documentation required for importation.

Solid timber is the highest risk material and should be treated prior to export. Normal fumigants will not treat Oversize Timber exceeding 200mm in all directions. Any logs or furniture of this size needs special handling organised prior to export.

Plywood, MDF and particleboard is an engineered wood and not as high risk as solid timber. Plywood articles only require a newly manufactured plywood declaration from your supplier for clearance.
Include the type of material used in the product description on the commercial invoice or declare
on a Manufacturer’s Declaration.

Often these goods are covered with leather, wool, cotton or other soft fabric. These furnishings are normally highly manufactured and should just be included in the description of the goods. However, if any shipments contain any animal hair fabrics or unprocessed materials, please check the requirements with ICE before shipping.

What do I need to import LED products and lighting into Australia?

All electrical equipment imported, and sold in, Australia must be proven to be electrically safe. All electrical products, regardless of use, must comply with AS/NZS 3820 which is the general electrical safety standard.

Do you offer white glove service?

Yes! If your goods are fragile (such as LED screens, glass items, interior design objects or delicate lighting) we can offer a white-glove service. This type of service caters to bespoke requirements for a particular piece of cargo. This can include things like assembling goods, installation and so on.

When should I choose airfreight over sea freight?

Airfreight is the fastest method to ship your goods internationally, however, it can be more expensive. If your cargo is urgent or time-sensitive, we recommend shipping via airfreight. Otherwise, sea freight is more cost-efficient and suitable for larger consignments, heavy bulky items or dangerous goods.